The Morningside Traders Association Team

Meet the team behind MTA - more assorted than a box of liquorice all sorts but united by a passion for business and working collaboratively in Morningside...

Lindsay Clifford

Joint-chair - Waitrose & Partners

I can’t throw away… cards people have given me over the years
What makes you laugh? People sharing funny stories about their day……and people falling, but that’s cruel!
Who do you secretly dream of being? A role model
I’ll always watch a film featuring… Jennifer Anniston
Who’s awesome? My team
I’m an expert at…walking in other peoples shoes
Last night I… Baked sultana and carrot scones…Yum!!!
Desert island disc? Whitney Houston – one of her classics preferably!
Lazy beach hol or adventure? ooh tough, can I have a mixture of both please?
If I was a millionaire I’d… work for free somewhere….
Surprisingly good at… driving
I can’t live without… a tidy, organised and clean house
Make mine a… G & T…..what else?


Niels Calvert

Joint-chair - Blue Sky Photography

Fave bit of clothing? My leather jacket
Happiest memory? Cuddling our son for the first time…
Trickiest moment? Congratulating a bridesmaid at a wedding on her pregnancy (turns out she wasn’t pregnant…)
I can’t throw away… Magazines
Who do you secretly dream of being? A hotelier or coffee shop owner
What makes you lost in thought? Dreaming up the next big plan
What keeps you glued to the TV? Business reality programmes like The Apprentice
Over-rated? X-Factor (yawn)
Dislikes… Bad coffee and poor customer service – there’s just no excuse!
Desert island disc? Cafe Del Mar the complete collection would work for me
Surprisingly good at Ideas and making things look good
I can’t live without… John Lewis
Make mine a… Glass of red please


Anne Ness

Secretary - Home Hardware

David Horn

Treasurer - Studio One

Fave bit of clothing? Jeans
Happiest memory? Taking both sons home from hospital (for different reasons..)
Trickiest moment? Related to happiest memory…
I can’t throw away… Old pair of holiday shoes`
Favourite gadget? Wine opener
What makes you laugh? Pomposity
Who do you secretly dream of being? It’s a secret
What makes you lost in thought? Questionnaires
What keeps you glued to the TV? Sport, rugby in particular
I’ll always read a book by? Christopher Brookmyre
Why are you here? Fate
I’m an expert at… Solutions
Desert island disc?  Anything by Steve Earle
Surprisingly good at… Prevarication
I can’t live without… My wife!
Make mine a… Guinness